Understanding Yoni Pearls - A Comprehensive Guide

Apr 10 , 2024

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Understanding Yoni Pearls - A Comprehensive Guide

What are yoni pearls? Crafted from herbs and botanicals, these femme detox products are inspired by a long history of turning to nature for support with the overall wellness of your intimate parts. The vagina is self-cleaning and another truly impressive part of the human body. But if you want to feel extra fresh, yoni pearls can be used about once a week.

The blend of plant-based ingredients in each insertable pearl includes some trusted names like frankincense, myrrh, safflower, Szechuan lovage, Asian knotweed, peach kernel, peony tree root bark and sandalwood - each one with a legacy. Read our comprehensive guide for this holistic feminine care product today.

How To Use Yoni Pearls

Start by washing your hands and vulva with a mild soap, then you can use our gliders to insert one pearl for a full day (24 hours). The string should hang outside your vulva after it's inside. Remember to take out the yoni pearl by pulling gently on this string no later than 24 hours after insertion - or earlier if you'd like to.

At most, you can use up to five pearls each month. Check out our product page for a full list of the ingredients to make sure you aren't allergic to them and talk to your doctor before you change your feminine care routine. Each yoni is unique, and it's important to get a professional opinion so you do right by your lady parts.

What To Expect After Using Yoni Pearls

Discharge is normal for your vagina since it does clean itself. As for what comes out after using yoni pearls, this shouldn't look drastically different from your usual discharge. This is typically milkier after these holistic pearls and may smell more herbal because of the botanicals involved. If this persists for more than three days or comes with discomfort, talk to your gynecologist to make sure everything is well.

Femme Detox & Yoni Pearls

Pearls and gliders can be bought together for a simple refreshing routine, or you can explore a more indulgent femme detox with our kits that come with extra products for your lady parts. The orange spice tea set comes with a balancing beverage that supports a good vibe for your intimates. Get weeks of tasty green tea with a 24-pack of spiced blends, bringing the flavor with ginger, raspberry and orange. Add soothing warmth to the regimen with our steaming seat kit that includes a pouch of herbs.

Want to spend a few days on some femme detox self-care? The 3-Day Vagitox set will be exactly what you're after. A foaming feminine wash and soothing oil helps promote a fresh, balanced yoni. The lubricating oil can be used to make inserting pearls as well. For a faster detox, go for our quickie kit that comes with individually wrapped wipes that you can toss into your purse or gym bag. Biodegradable and unscented, the travel-friendly cleanser makes it effortless to freshen up anywhere before inserting a pearl. Find your ideal products with our collections at Miracle Hair.


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