The beauty world is always changing, and keeping up with these innovations can be too much to balance with responsibilities and fun on the weekends. Make it simple with this free personalized skincare quiz that includes an optional Miracle Hair promo code.

Discover Facial and Body Skincare for You

With less than 10 questions, this quiz starts strong to offer tailored recommendations. Choose between facial skincare and body care to get customized suggestions for which products are the best fit for you.

Enjoy low-maintenance beauty routines and deep cleansing that leaves skin feeling fresh? You might see clarifying soap in your recommendations. For those who prefer botanical fragrances and more indulgent routines, moisturizing formulas with fruity or floral scents are more likely. Take this beauty quiz to see your unique results and subscribe to our newsletter for a discount code. Get even more insights with quizzes for haircare, wellness and feminine health.

Products by Skin Type and Goals

For the facial skincare quiz, recommendations are informed by your skin type and concerns. Not sure what texture or type you have? You can still complete the quiz by focusing on the goals you have in mind for your complexion - from fewer breakouts to extra moisturization. For body care, products are selected by skin goals. Having multiple means you can choose the Other option and get advice on body products based on different factors. Because these results are tailored to you, keep in mind that there might be some overlap with products for the face and body.