Understanding the Causes of Hair Thinning and Effective Solutions

Mar 15 , 2024

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Understanding the Causes of Hair Thinning and Effective Solutions

What causes thinning hair in women and men? It's a common question, and there are various answers. Learn about the different causes of this condition and how to reverse hair thinning with our guide here at Miracle Hair.

1. Genetics

If your parents had bald spots or thinning hair, you're more likely to have the same struggles. This is more common in men and makes their hair follicles grow in finer and shorter. Over time, this becomes more noticeable.

Women can be impacted by hereditary thin hair as well. Typically, it begins at the top of her head and affects the middle section the most. This can be especially difficult for ladies to go through. Thinning hair in women is less widely understood, so her self-esteem could be more heavily impacted by people who might stare or ask uncomfortable questions.

2. Medical Factors

Conditions, medicines and healthcare treatments can all be the source of male or female hair thinning. Hormonal changes can come from stopping a medication like birth control, recently having a baby or diseases like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Any of those could lead to hair thinning and falling out more than usual. Similarly, radiation therapy to treat cancer or benign tumors can reduce your hair growth.

Other hair thinning causes come from different health conditions like not getting enough nutrients in your diet, scalp infections and psychological disorders such as trichotillomania (compulsively pulling your hair out).

3. Your Lifestyle

Have a stressful job? Regularly pull your hair back in tight up-dos? Either one could be the reason behind thinning hair. Some stress is normal, but long-term mental strain wears your body down. Cortisol is a hormone your body releases when you're in crisis. Too much of it can weaken your immune system, affect sleep, lead to medical conditions - and interfere with hair growth.

Along with hairstyles that strain your strands, perms and product buildup could smother your hair over time and thin it out.

Thinning Hair Treatment Options That Work

In some cases, simply changing your lifestyle will solve your problem. Finding a less hectic job or choosing a hairstyle that lets your tresses relax may take some searching. But in the case of genetics and medical conditions (or just waiting for your body to catch up to your new habits), discovering effective solutions for your hair thinning out will mean getting nourishing formulas for your beauty regimen.

Shampoo for thinning hair is the natural place to start, giving you a daily boost that matches perfectly with conditioner. Our Chamomile & Green Tea duo helps thicken strands for fuller hair. If product buildup is your obstacle, overcome it with the Wash and Grow kit that includes our clarifying haircare.

Looking for something to add to your current routine instead? Among our best products for thinning hair, the Rapid Growth Hair Grease and Alopecia Serum can be applied to the scalp regularly to encourage growth.

Explore our complete thinning hair collection for more products that pamper and enrich every strand or take our haircare quiz to get personalized advice.


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