Rescue Your Locks: Tips and Remedies for Damaged Hair

Mar 22 , 2024

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Rescue Your Locks: Tips and Remedies for Damaged Hair

Skipping conditioner, rubbing hair with a towel or styling with heat and heavy products - there are lots of ways you could do a number on your locks. Learn how to fix damaged hair and take better care of it with tips and remedies from Miracle Hair.

What Causes Hair Damage?

Some types of hair damage are as simple as not hydrating when you shower. Adding an effective conditioner to your routine will help, just like getting a microfiber hair wrap will stop you from causing breakage with friction from rubbing.

But to really know how to repair damaged hair, start with understanding how it happened. Using hot styling tools without heat protection is common. But heavy products and harsh chemicals could be your culprits. Even hard water or too much time in the sun might be the reason.

What Does Damaged Hair Look Like?

Learning how to tell if your hair is damaged and why takes a little practice. While there are general rules, each type is different. You might only see some of these signs of damaged hair - and you should still treat your tresses to a restorative routine.

If your strands are frizzy, tangled, brittle, lack shine, have split ends or feel different to the touch, assume there's a need for repair. The signs of hair damage can change slightly for curly or textured looks. You might notice your waves and curls aren't as full as usual. Once you figure out how to know if your hair is damaged, the next step is to reverse it.

4 Hair Damage Repair Tips

  1. How To Fix Heat-Damaged Hair

The first thing you need to do is give your hair a break. Our three-piece Protein Power Pack will boost your strands with restorative black rice water. Once you go back to these looks, remember to use heat protection and the lowest setting on dependable heat-styling tools.

  1. How To Repair Bleach-Damaged Hair

Put your next touch-up on hold for at least two weeks (or up to 10 depending on the state of your hair). A strengthening conditioner will be more important than ever during that time. If you want a deep conditioning treatment to fix bleach-damaged hair, try our black rice water rinse.

  1. Cleaning Up After Chlorine, Saltwater and Hard Water

While saltwater isn't as harmful as chlorinated pools, either type can lead to parched strands that need rejuvenation. Hard water hair damage gradually builds up metals and minerals that weigh down the strands. Refresh your tresses with our clarifying shampoo and conditioner combo that cancels out hard water and repairs salt- or chlorine-damaged hair.

  1. Treating Sun-Damaged Hair

The outer layer of your strands is called a cuticle, and too many solar rays can harm it - causing brittle and frizzy hair. Hydration is the key to any hair treatment for damaged hair that's been overexposed to the sun. Top off our shampoo and conditioner duos with an anti-breakage spray and rinse.

Browse our full strengthening haircare collection to revitalize your damaged strands, or take our quick haircare quiz to get personalized remedies.