New Year, New Hair: Trendy Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Jun 18 , 2024

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New Year, New Hair: Trendy Hairstyles to Try in 2024

The New Year brings with it the chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to reinvent yourself. One way to achieve those goals is to change your hair. If you're wondering what the hottest hair trends for 2024 are going to be, keep reading!

1. Bobs Are Back

This year, the bob has seen a resurgence. There are several different styles you can choose from when it comes to this cut, including a wavy bob, a jellyfish bob and a chin-length bob.

The wavy bob will give you more of a relaxed, lived-in feel to your hair. You'll be stylish without having to do a lot of work. You'll be able to allow your natural texture to shine through and let your bobbed hair go with the flow.

When it comes to jellyfish bobs, this hairstyle has two layers: a classic bob on top, with a bottom that is long and flowy-you know, like a jellyfish! If you have a personality that is outspoken and showy, then you might want to consider having longer hair on the bottom. If you're more subdued and "cute," then a shorter bottom layer will highlight that aspect of your personality.

Another bob option you can have is a chin-length bob. This look is dramatic enough to turn heads, but still fun and flirty. There are many ways to wear this bob, including with straight, sleek hair that's parted down the middle or with curl cream to showcase your hair's natural texture.

2. Frame with Bangs

Another trend that is seeing a comeback in 2024 is bangs. Again, there are several different options you can choose from with this style: curtain bangs, Birkin bangs and eyelash bangs.

Curtain bangs are used to frame your face and complement medium to long hair. It doesn't matter what hair type you have or what face shape you have, curtain bangs can be incredibly flattering.

Birkin bangs are a style from the 1970s. These work best with hair that reaches your collar bone or longer. Birkin bangs can give you a peaceful, easy feeling and look slightly unkempt while also being incredibly stylish and sophisticated. These bangs work best if you have wavy hair and add some subtle layers.

Eyelash bangs are longer and can add something seductive and mysterious to your look. This style is best for straight hair types, as they don't require much styling to get them to look good.

3. Showcase Your Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, then showcasing those curls will be a trendy hairstyle in 2024. Round curly cuts are incredibly versatile and ensure that your curls look uniform and full. There are different length options to choose from with this cut, so pick one that shows off your unique style and makes you look and feel good.


4. Layer Like a Butterfly

When you think of butterflies, you probably imagine soft, delicate creatures that float from one flower to another-and that's the inspiration behind this 2024 hair trend. Butterfly layers are designed to ensure your hair hugs the contours of your face and creates softness and movement. This is an incredibly feminine haircut that is also elegant.

Not only do butterfly layers look lovely in long hair, but they can also be added to medium cuts. You'll be both youthful and chic with this easygoing style.

5. Lead the Pack

If you're looking for an edgy style that says you're confident and unique, then you might want to consider getting a wolf cut. This hairstyle is a combination of two trendy cuts: the mullet and the shag. This style features bangs and a mix of layers, and the wolf cut can be worn short, medium or long.

6. Be a Delicate Pixie

For individuals who are looking to make a statement with a liberating, daring style that is modern and exudes confidence, then you'll want to go with a pixie cut. From red carpet events to hanging out at your house, you'll look and feel on trend when you cut your hair short and let your inner pixie shine through.

Taking Care of Trendy Hairstyles

After deciding which trendy hairstyle will suit you best in 2024, you'll then need to consider taking care of your hair. Thankfully, there are a variety of products to help you achieve your goals. Here are some that are in style in 2024 and always.

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The New You in the New Year

Changing your hair is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to reinvent yourself in the New Year. After you find a trendy hairstyle that showcases your personality, keep your hair healthy by using the right products. Shop our selection today!