Haircare 101: Understanding Your Hair Type and Needs

Jun 04 , 2024

Agital ECI

Haircare 101: Understanding Your Hair Type and Needs

If you've had a bad hair day, you've more than likely thought about how important your hair is. You've realized that without your hair looking just right, it's going to have a major impact on how you feel about yourself and how you think other people are going to view you.

Our hair is an incredibly important aspect of our lives. It can be a signifier of our identities, affiliations and beliefs. We can use it to attract members of our tribe or a significant other. Our hair is part of our self-image, so it's important for it to look and feel healthy.

To achieve hair health, getting to know your hair inside and out is essential-and this post is here to help you through that process.

Hair Types

The type of hair you have is classified based on shape, texture and thickness. Typically, there are four main hair types: curly, coily, wavy and straight. Each hair type has its own characteristics and different wants and needs to keep it healthy.


Curly hair is typically thick and voluminous with a defined curl pattern that can be either tight or loose. This hair type is prone to dryness, which means it will frizz. Curly hair is also prone to breakage and damage if not cared for correctly.

To ensure curly hair is healthy and looks amazing, you need moisture. Not only do you want to use conditioner frequently, but you'll also want to use shampoos and products that add some extra hydration. While styling your hair, you'll also want to take extra care to be gentle so that the curls retain their texture and shape.


Coily hair is dense and voluminous, and it is characterized by a tight curl pattern that can be shaped like an "O" or a "Z." These patterns can range from small to large, and coily hair can be thick, medium or fine.

Like curly hair, coily hair is prone to dryness and can be damaged if not handled gently. To retain its health and shape, conditioner and moisturizing products are essential. You also need to take care while styling to avoid breakage and maintain the shape and texture of your coily patterns.


Wavy hair is characterized by hair that has a slight wave or curl to it, and the shape is often referred to as a "U" or "S" pattern. These waves create a look that is textured and voluminous, and they can be loose or tight. Wavy hair can be thick, medium or fine.

Wavy hair is susceptible to dryness, which can make it frizzy. It requires hydrating products and gentle styling to maintain its texture and shape and to keep it healthy.


Straight hair is the most common hair type, and it is characterized by hair that has a shiny, sleek, smooth texture. The hair type can be thick, medium or fine. The biggest issue with straight hair is that it can get greasy.

To prevent this from happening, you may need to shampoo more often or maybe even less often - it depends on your specific straight hair type. You'll also want to make sure you are rinsing your hair thoroughly, conditioning it carefully and drying your hair properly.

Styling Your Specific Hair Type

Now that you know the different hair types that exist, you may be wondering the best way to style it for healthy, amazing-looking hair. Here are some things you might consider trying:


If you want to show your curls off to the world, then consider using a curl defining cream. You'll want to apply to damp hair, and then gently scrunch your hair with your hand. You can then let your hair air dry or apply a diffuser to your hair dryer and blow dry.


When it comes to making your coily hair voluminous and textured, you'll first want to divide your damp hair into smaller sections. Then, using your finger, twist each section. You can then let your hair air dry or apply a diffuser to your hair dryer. Once your hair is dry, untwist the sections and fluff with your hands.


To highlight your waves, add a sea salt spray to your damp hair and then gently scrunch with your hands. If you want to enhance the waves of your hair, you'll want to add a diffuser to your hair dryer and blow dry. If you want your waves to flow freely, allow them to air dry.


Showcasing your straight hair requires using a heat protectant product and then using a flat iron to straighten your hair. This will create a polished, sleek look that will get noticed.

Best Hair Care Products

No matter what hair type you might have, there are some products that you can try to achieve the look you're hoping for.

Ultimate Wash & Grow Kit

If you're looking for a way to keep your hair healthy and add some texture and volume, then the Ultimate Wash & Grow Kit may be beneficial. This kit comes with a wide variety of products to keep your hair hydrated and encourage hair growth.

Rapid Grease Wash & Grow with Free Night Serum

If you're looking for a way to reduce breakage and make your hair shiny and manageable, then this is the hair care kit you're looking for. Not only can you revitalize your hair with these products, but they also promote healthy, strong hair.

Chamomile & Green Tea Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

When it comes to adding some extra moisture and repairing and reducing damage, you need shampoo and conditioner that are up to the task. This product will leave your hair looking and feeling silky smooth and soft.

Your hair is integral to who you are, and you want it to be healthy. With the right products, you can achieve all of your hair care goals.