Coconut Hot Oil Treatments

Mar 29 , 2023

Mink Hair

Coconut Hot Oil Treatments

Did you know that coconut oil is a recommended choice for the best hot oil treatments? It nourishes the hair and has been shown to prevent protein loss in the hair shaft. This enriching solution is a great source of nutrients to always keep your hair protected. But do hot oil treatments help hair growth? We're delighted to say they do. Adding hot oil treatments for hair to your monthly beauty regimen is a fantastic way to ensure that you are reaching your targeted goal for hair growth with stronger, longer tresses. Here is how to use Mink Hair Grows Coconut Stimulating Hair Oil for your hot oil treatments for damaged hair, natural styles and all other types or textures.

Instructions for Coconut Oil Hair Treatments at Home:

  • To start, thoroughly shampoo your hair to make sure all oils and debris are removed. Blot your hair with a T-shirt or microfiber towel to prevent breakage.
  • Afterwards, with a small pot or saucepan, create a double boiling system. Add 1-2 inches of water to the pot or pan. Place a heat-safe bowl in the center of it.
  • Add 1-3 tablespoons of Mink Hair Grows Coconut Stimulating Hair Oil to the bowl (the amount depends on the length of your hair). Heat the c oconut oil until it is warm to the touch. The hair oil should not be scalding hot, as this could lead to burning of your scalp. To test the temperature, place a drop on your wrist to be sure it is safe.
  • Part your hair into four sections. In each section, generously apply the coconut oil to dry or damp clean hair . With the balls of your fingertips or knuckles, gently massage the oil into your scalp (using your nails can cause breakage). After massaging your scalp, work the coconut oil into your hair and down to your ends.
  • Cover your hair with your Deep Conditioning Cap. Leave the coconut oil in for at least 30 minutes. For an intense treatment, leave in overnight to maximize your results.
  • Once completed, rinse out, then shampoo your hair twice with our clarifying Deep Cleansing Hair Growth Shampoo.
  • Condition your hair as usual. Dry and style.


Note: How Often Should You Do Hot Oil Treatments?

These hot oil treatments for natural hair and treated strands can be done once a week or as many as three times a week . But if you are using our Hair Growth Serums, we recommend doing this every other week. Otherwise, the combination of oils could weigh your hair down.

After the Treatment: Washing it Out

Do you wash out hot oil treatments afterward? Plenty of first-time users wonder about this step, so you're not alone in thinking about it. Remember that the ultimate goal of a hot oil treatment is to add healthy amounts of moisture to your hair, so it is very important that you remove any excess oil that your scalp and hair did not absorb. Thoroughly shampoo your hair with our clarifying Deep Cleansing Hair Growth Shampoo so your hair will not be left feeling or looking greasy.

The Final Takeaway

Although it's true that any hair oil will hydrate and protect your strands and scalp, a Coconut Hot Oil Treatment will reap even more rewards. Due to its natural purities, the heat helps your strands better absorb the oil, enhancing its effectiveness and ensuring the promise of strong and healthy hair. Get everything you need with a fantastic deal by checking out our Coconut Hot Oil Treatment Kit with shampoo, conditioner and coconut oil hair serum.

Quick Hot Coconut Oil Hair Treatment FAQ

    • What do hot oil treatments do?

Dry, brittle hair can be moisturized and protected from breakage with plant-based oils, and coconut is the most potent kind for the widest range of hair types. The oil seals the hair cuticle to strengthen the strand while locking in hydration. With that nourishment, there's more to what hot oil treatments do for the hair overall: stimulating longer growth, reducing dandruff and promoting softer strands.

    • Do hot oil treatments work?

What you want from the hair treatment will affect how you consider its effectiveness. Frizzy hair is lessened after the first application, and dry hair will feel softer and more moisturized. Treating dandruff or encouraging hair growth may take a few more applications, but the results are dependable with a consistent routine. Maximize the effect of hydrating heat with our Hot Oil Stimulating Steam Cap Kit.